1,000 Characters was founded in 2014 after its creators had yet another - hey, that's a cool idea - moment. Justin and Heather Hoffman have a lot of these moments, but their hectic schedules often keep them from doing the hard work of actually acting on their thoughts. Justin is a Drupal guru webmaster and would prefer to be writing fiction over this about blurb - so vote for his stories. His favorite authors include (but can't be limited to) Don DeLillo, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Michael Chabon. Heather is a high school English teacher and often wishes she could spend every waking moment reading - even if that would mean reading yet-another-Dr.-Seuss book to her young children. Her favorite authors are Sylvia Plath, Edgar Allan Poe, and John Green.

1,000 Characters is a way for writers of all kinds (and all ability levels) to take a few minutes out of their day and do what they do - write! Using a user-submitted image as inspiration, authors are asked to submit a story (or poem) in 1,000 Characters or less. Think it sounds easy? Then consider that these two paragraphs alone are under 1,000 characters! All users are then asked to rate the submissions via the website.