Welcome to 1,000 Characters!

This is a project about exploration, into writing and into characters. The goal is to create one thousand characters, and learn more about all of them. Most days (at least twenty per month) there should be a new story snippet to keep the words flowing. Do not fret that everything (or at least most things) are short, as that is the intention.

1,000 Characters is a practice for better storytelling, improved fiction. The focus is diving into characters, looking curiously and deeply into their hopes, dreams, desires. Exploring new characters, their stories, the places they live and work, becomes a journey of fun. This process of discovery should, in many cases, lead to longer stories, possibly even a novel. Dare it be said: maybe novels.

A total of 94 works of fiction featuring 29 different Characters!

Featured Story

Published: Dec 01, 2020

Wet Mailboxes

Jerry was the kind of man who fixed things, things he didn't know how to fix, things that did not yet need fixing; if it was broken or perhaps about to be broken, Jerry was there fixing it. Sometimes there were things he could not fix the first time around, things that kept breaking. He would occasionally deem those things unfixable. But Melinda, Jerry's wife, could count the number of times he had stopped trying to fix a thing easily, if she could remember those times; they were so few that they sort of just slipped out of her mind.

He was currently battling one such thing: their mailbox. It leaked, and had done so for twenty-odd years, off and on. Every so often the rain was blow just right on the wind and find a way into the mailbox, where a few letters or a magazine would soak up the water. Jerry could not leave the problem for the next sideways rain that might happen in six or seven months.

"Other people must have wet mailboxes," he proclaimed over a plate of biscuits and gravy. "There for someone has found a way to fix them and I will too."

Recent Stories

Published: Jan 12, 2021

Escape Time

featuring: Traelyn Nelsen

Traelyn found an escape pod. Odd, he thought, that after flying spaceships for forty years that this would be the first time he needed one of these. Inside was smaller than he ...

Published: Jan 11, 2021


featuring: Monica Charles

I started seeing Monica when my wife checked into the rehab center. Not because I was a bad husband or a terrible person, but because I needed comfort. Monica was unafraid to ...

Published: Jan 08, 2021

Job Offer

featuring: Angela Moriss

There was a job offer, but she wasn't certain it was for her. It meant going into an office, the office, again. The people, in person, were not her biggest problem. It ...

Published: Jan 07, 2021

How to Outlast a Door

featuring: Steve Suns

Several days later Steve returned to the door. It was still golden and spotless. He felt just as unsure of his next action as he had at last visit, and quite sure ...

Published: Jan 06, 2021

Used to be Wind

featuring: Steve Suns

"Hard to believe there used to be something called wind," Steve said to Uhlrick. "Never heard of it," the younger man said, swinging from his safety cable from bolt to bolt with ...