Welcome to 1,000 Characters!

This is a project about exploration, into writing and into characters. The goal is to create one thousand characters, and learn more about all of them. Most days (at least twenty per month) there should be a new story snippet to keep the words flowing. Do not fret that everything (or at least most things) are short, as that is the intention.

1,000 Characters is a practice for better storytelling, improved fiction. The focus is diving into characters, looking curiously and deeply into their hopes, dreams, desires. Exploring new characters, their stories, the places they live and work, becomes a journey of fun. This process of discovery should, in many cases, lead to longer stories, possibly even a novel. Dare it be said: maybe novels.

A total of 99 works of fiction featuring 31 different Characters!

Featured Story

Published: Dec 21, 2020


When the factory closed Derrick switched from shift manager to shovel handler. That is to say he went from making sure things got done by a crew of roughly twenty (there had been minor fluctuations during his tenure) to shoveling debris as the building was demolished. The site was to become a series of townhouses, complete with a pool, workout gym, and tennis courts, among other recreations. The wild thing was that one-third of the adult population was now without a job. Derrick could not find the logic behind building homes for people who wouldn't have jobs to pay for said properties.

His father had gotten him the job out of high school, and the company was the only employer for the past 26 years. He wasn't sure what was next, but he thought about his prospects, or the lack of, during the course of the day. He'd also think about the things that had happened as he moved different debris: the time Jared caught his sweatshirt on the cardboard baler and almost lost his arm, when Simon broke a shipment of ammonia so they couldn't work for a week (without pay), and the payoff party, as they all later called it.

Recent Stories

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