Two Weeks of Rain

Published: Oct 22, 2020

It was raining. Again. Today would mark two weeks of rain, everyday, by Angela's count. Not rain every second during that time; there had been breaks, just rain each day at least once. It was not a misty, sputtering rain. None of it had been. At some point during each day there had been a solid downpour, which is what she was counting.

She wondered how there could be that much moisture in the air, over and over again for such a period of time. Curious, she searched for the records, and found that the rain was quite localized. Northeast Illinois seemed to be the only place getting the rain, as if it were part of some science experiment. This was exactly how Angela thought about it: meteorological experiment.

The water was pooled on the streets - the drains refusing to accept anymore water. The river was high, nearly touching the bridges. She wondered how many basements were filled; how many garden apartments ruined.