Published: Sep 25, 2020

Younger Days

featuring: Wilma Illya

When she was younger, she stayed out all hours with Gretchen. They were best of friends for nearly their entire lives because they grew up in a couple of two flats next ...

Published: Sep 24, 2020

Filling Time

featuring: Robert Smith

Robert was not sure how he should fill the time now that he was retired. Retired? Was that him now?  He did not like the sound of that. He began filling his ...

Published: Sep 23, 2020

Renaming the Shop

featuring: Robert Smith

It had been named Smith Jewelry Company and Robert liked it that way, but he was nearly out of money. The sign being installed read Chicago Jewelry Row and it felt like ...

Published: Sep 22, 2020

Reading the Newspaper

featuring: Robert Smith

He sat on a bench near a busy intersection, across from the park. The sun bathed his skin as he read the newspaper. His pants did not reach his shined black leather ...

Published: Sep 19, 2020

The Barge

featuring: Kean Rippel

They lived in a strange house, covered in vines, made of stone, perched near the edge of a small cliff, overlooking the Mississippi River. When it rained, Kean feared the cliff would ...

Published: Sep 18, 2020

Fifteen Minutes

featuring: Kean Rippel

"Kean, you're pompous." He was brushing his hair while sitting on the couch watching the evening news from January 27. "Why are you watching that? It's old news, what, seven or eight ...

Published: Sep 17, 2020

It's My Name

featuring: Kean Rippel

"It's reh-pell not rip-pull," he said. "A common mistake." "Sorry." She smiled softly. "Happens all the time," he continued. "Actually makes me wonder why no one just asks how you say a ...

Published: Sep 14, 2020


featuring: Robin Travis

Robin was nearly forty now, and a line had started to emerge at the corner of her mouth. One that would not go away. She was tired. She was sick of the ...

Published: Sep 13, 2020

Evening on the Balcony

featuring: Robin Travis

Cicadas buzzed, their grinding screech flooding the evening, as the sun went down. The inflammation of sound would fade soon after the light. Robin sat on the balcony, next to a trim ...

Published: Sep 12, 2020

He Played Guitar

featuring: Paul Wallis

He played guitar for himself. The sound was ugly and often off key. But it was for him, him alone, and he did not mind. Paul picked each string, checking them against ...