Published: Sep 26, 2020

Daniel sat at the board waiting for his opponent. It was the final game of the day and he was playing black. His record would say he was better with the white pieces but he preferred to play with the black ones. Reacting to the other player's moves was somehow easier than pushing them around, dictating their next moves. He had trouble finding the plan, and seeing several moves ahead.

He wondered where his parents were at that moment. Were they even alive? The adults could not or would not reveal his true past. Often he imagined they thought it would destroy his hope for the future, but he did not see it that way. Daniel expected a lot of himself and knowing about his past would tell him what his weaknesses might be. He could then avoid those same issues that had plagued his parents, whomever they might be. This was his strength in chess; and he expected it to be the same in life.