Researching Treatment

Published: Nov 11, 2020

Her father was out of the picture for a long time by then. John would not have let them do it. Of course, she probably would not have been the way she was. I tried on a smile when I was close enough to the car for her to read my face, but I knew it was fake. Worse; I knew she knew I was faking it.

That night I read as much as I could about the laser shavings treatments. For hours, I read perspectives of different doctors and medical centers talking of the benefits and the dangers of this fairly new process. Similar to the shock treatments given to my mother when she was a young woman, but new and precise. I wondered if I had been spared only because of growing up at the right time. The sun was bringing light to the day when I finally slunk off to bed, but I did not sleep. Dreams, or rather nightmares, kept me flipping and rolling.