What About the Rain

Published: Sep 08, 2020

The rain fell. It had been falling for days. The drip off the roof sounded like a shower in progress. The gutters were tilted and the water rushed down the shingles over the side straight to the ground. Outside his window he could see into other parts of the building, it curved back toward itself, jutted away at sharp angles, and formed a lose shape with many sides.

Daniel didn't feel sadness in the rain, though many around him did. They felt attached to the sun but he wanted the sun to stay away. It was hot and unyielding. Often the children were sad when the day was rainy and they were forced to stay inside. This he did not understand and the drip of water from his hair and nose, the cling of his clothes, the squishy suction of his shoes reminded him that life could be fun and strange.